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Nothing truly comes close to seeking out Dartmoor's 'jewels' with the help of a guide that truly understands this unique area of Devon. This really becomes apparent when the light or conditions change and knowing where to go to make the most of them. Dartmoor holds many photographic secrets and fantastic unspoilt locations.

I have been exploring, camping on and photographing Dartmoor for nearly 30 years. During that time I have amassed a huge knowledge of the best photographic locations, where works in certain light, time of day or time of year.  I have hosted over 450 Dartmoor Photography Workshops. A selection of many testimonials I have received can be read by clicking the button above.

Not only will you benefit from my intimate knowledge of Dartmoor, you will also be given Photoshop tuition and go home with a DVD packed with information, PDFs and video tutorials. All included in the cost of the workshop.
I limit my group sizes to three photographers and use a 4X4 that is only used for Dartmoor. This avoids crowding at viewpoints and allows me plenty of time to spend with each person ensuring everyone gets the most out of the day.

Dartmoor is a magnificent National Park covering approx 380 square miles and offers a plethora of photographic locations and possibilities for mastering a camera in the landscape. From moss coated woods, fern encrusted valleys, bronze age settlements, stone rows and not to mention the far reaching views from the tors, Dartmoor has it all and more....
To enjoy and experience the 'real' Dartmoor away from the usual tourist haunts not only is an expert guide needed but one with huge experience behind the camera enabling the Photographer to get the very best from each and every fantastic location.

 I am considered by many as one of Devon’s most skilled and experienced landscape photographers.

Knowing where to go at a particular time of day, time of year or different light and weather conditions really makes the difference.
I regularly hear gasps from photographers when arriving at locations even from experienced Dartmoor walkers who profess to not knowing the locations existed...
Many photographers offer Dartmoor workshops but none have this intimate knowledge of this unique ancient landscape...
My workshops have become extremely popular and I have been hosting them for over ten years.

Many kind emails from past workshop clients mention my relaxed and intuitive teaching style that inspires natural thought. I try to encourage the photographer’s eye supported by the necessary technical knowledge to capture stunning shots. This teaching style allows the photographer to really understand their camera so that they can continue to capture fantastic photos long after sharing a day with me. I never teach with the ‘do this and point the camera that way’ principle as this achieves very little…

I focus only on Dartmoor within the UK so to not dilute the experience of Dartmoor Discovery day. 














Initially, I will guide you and follow closely how you set up and use your camera. All cameras are thoroughly checked for correct settings. As the day progresses I will stand back a little and allow your natural eye to show through whilst guiding you into superb compositions. I take very few images myself during workshops other than to demonstrate techniques allowing me to focus on your cameras all the time.
During the workshop we will cover virtually every important aspect of landscape photography and camera technique.
My post processing skills are also second to none. I bring a powerful laptop along to the workshops so that we can spend some time looking through the images in either Adobe Elements or Adobe Photoshop CS6. Insight and tuition can then be given, improving your images even further. 
Other photographers who teach, sometimes say that everything can be ‘done in camera’.
I do not agree with this and suspect that they are either lacking in computer 'know how' or don’t fully understand the limits of a digital camera. Post processing is an important part of digital photography in the modern age. I will introduce you to this, explain the limits of the camera fully and point you clearly in the right direction for the future. You will be amazed by the results when the limits of the camera sensor are demonstrated and overcome....
I include extensive backup information for your reference after the day and personally feel that printed notes are a little prehistoric, are difficult to update and eventually end up damaged or lost. My courses are backed up with a DVD for every photographer including detailed PDFs and Photoshop tuition videos so that you can refer back to all the techniques you have practiced during the day and more so no worries about forgetting some of the information as most photographers tend to. I don't really see the point on spending a great day out with a camera and then not being able to repeat this on your own after the workshop. These can also be printed out so that you have the best of both worlds. I also update these from time to time and they available free by request to photographers who have attended a workshop.
Full day courses cover approx nine hours shooting with a break for lunch and photoshop. Half day courses are five hours shooting. 
Unlike many photographers that host courses I don't go 'what ever the weather'. If the weather throws a curve ball I will always offer to re-arrange to a new convenient date. I wouldn’t shoot in miserable, wet conditions, spending most of the time in the car or worrying about my camera kit so I don’t expect workshop photographers to either…
One thing I consider important is that I bring very little of my own camera equipment along and only take pictures myself in exceptional circumstances or to explain principles and show examples. I focus my attention on the photographers attending the workshops.
I also offer extensive equipment advice as I spend far too much time (my wife says) reading reviews and researching the best deals. I have owned or used most of the popular DSLRs at some point.
Full advice back up after the workshop is also offered for free, so if you forget something or just want a chat about a trip, lens, camera, tripod or anything, just pick up the phone or email me……
Take a look across the page at the details of the workshops and growing list of genuine testimonials. The testimonials shown are approximately a fifth of the total I have received…
When you book a workshop many wonderful things will happen. Firstly I will ring you for chat to find out before hand what you would like to gain from the workshop and to gauge your level of experience. 
Then you will receive a full info sheet with everything you need to know and we will then arrange a meeting point. I do all the driving during the workshop.
Three days before the workshop I check the weather forecast. If it’s iffy I will contact you. I will then check it again 24 hours before and confirm the meeting point and time.

I look forward to meeting you soon……


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