I am a Devon based Contemporary and Landscape photographer specialising in images of Dartmoor and Devon.


I grew up in Wiltshire in a small village and soon learnt to appreciate the beauty of the landscape around me especially from horse back as I was fortunate to be able to ride in my early teens.
Since moving to Devon in 1987 I have grown to love the area and believe it offers some of the best and varied of landscapes.
My interest in photographing the beautiful and diverse scenery around me came from regular walks across Dartmoor in the mid to late nineties with a 35mm SLR film camera. My memories of visiting Dartmoor as a child encouraged me to explore and this developed into a passion with the camera especially when I progressed to digital as the cameras became more affordable.

I currently use Pentax DSLRs and Compact System cameras for travel and work where lighter equipment is more suitable.

I have great dedication to my art form as I do believe photography has great artistic elements. 
I can regularly be found around Devon and on Dartmoor at silly o'clock with camera primed for that fleeting moment when the light is 'just right'
(Silly o'clock is is just before sunrise in mid Summer) and galloping across the moor to reach the car before the black cloud reaches me.

Over the last ten years the photography has become a thriving business with many galleries and shops exhibiting and selling my work.
I have been widely published and many of my images have found happy homes on walls throughout the world including New Zealand, Australia and the USA.

In May 2008 I was thrilled to have a book published called 'Perfect Dartmoor' in hardback by Halsgrove . 2009 brought 'Dartmoor A Winters Tale' and 'Panoramic Dartmoor' in Oct 2010 and a fourth, 'A Portrait of the English Riviera' in 2011. Devon Food Heroes with top Chef Peter Gorton followed in 2012. In 2013 I co-authored Peter Gorton's recipe book providing all the food photography.

I realised early on that digital cameras were becoming more and more complex with many people looking for help to gain the best results from them.
Over the last few years I have built up an array of different Dartmoor photography workshops which have become extremely popular.

I also host two six week photography evening courses at Darts Farm in Topsham.

I consider myself fortunate in that I can continue to fulfill my desire to spend time around Devon and on Dartmoor continually searching for more striking and satisfying images that others can enjoy. 

I feel that through people from all over the world visiting my site, I am making a small contribution towards promoting one of the most wonderful areas of the British Isles.

Thank you for reading.

Adrian Oakes 2019

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Tel     - 07970 558491